Creepers be creepin', and that's just the way i like it.

Haters be hatin', and that's perfect for me.

Trippers be trippin', well... you ain't seen nothin' yet.

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Also, who wore it better?

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Just got home from one fast food job #McDonalds, getting ready for my shift at my other fast food job #hungryjacks

One let’s me keep my small amount of facial hair while the other deems it “unacceptable”.

I’d like to know your thoughts
Again it has been some time since I posted. I got to that page…

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And because I have a rule about tagging my apps. #photoshake
Pull your head in, turtle.

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Been too long since I posted anything. So here’s a picture of Bessie.

Oh dear. I’ve gone and fallen into the trap.

This game has ruined my life. #flappybird
Doesn’t even care that he’s on Tux’s face.. #bentleyisadick #likeseriously #dogslife
I’ve resolved to be more organised… Now should I organise my shirts? Weight of fabric perhaps?

Oh the places you’ll go
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"oh shit the bomb is gunna’ go off, better make make it look cool."
he did.

#cool guys don’t look at explosions

Every time.

Don’t fall in love with a curious one.
They will want to know who you are, where you come from, what your family was like.
They will look through your photographs and read all of your poems. They will come over for dinner and speak to your mother about how their curiosity has taught them things of use to her. They will ask you to rant when you’re angry and cry when you’re hurt.
They will ask what that raised eyebrow meant. They will want to know your favorite food, your favorite color, you favorite person. They will ask why.
They will buy that camera you liked, pay attention to that band you love in case there’s a show near by, they will get you the sweater you smiled at once. They’ll learn to cook your favorite meals.
The curious people don’t settle for your shell, they want the insides.
They want what makes you heavy, what makes you uneasy, what makes you scream
for joy, and anger, and heartbreak.
Their skin will turn into pages
that you learn to pour out your entire being in.
Don’t fall in love with the curious one.
They won’t let a sigh go unexplained.
They will want to know what they did
Exactly what they did to make you love them.
Year, month, week, day.
“What time was it? What did I say? What did I do?
How did you feel?”
Don’t fall in love with a curious one because I’ve been there.
They will unbutton your shirt
and read every scar
every mark
every curve.
They will dissect your every limb, every organ, every thought, every being.

“There’s a curiosity in you that will move mountains some day
as effortlessly as you’ve moved me for years.”

Don’t Fall In Love With The Curious One (via plaidjunkie)

This is beautiful.

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This ad, love it. #boobs #bonds #advertising